contemporary upholstery sofa with metal base, perfect for luxurious event seating.


79” I 26” I 33”

Experience the perfect combination of modernity and luxury with Novo sofas featuring sleek metal bases. These pieces combine the soft, with the clean, sharp lines of a metal base, offering a contemporary look that's ideal for events aiming for a modern yet luxurious vibe. Perfect for any setting, these sofas add a touch of sophistication and are sure to impress guests with their chic elegance and sturdy support.

Contemporary full velvet upholstery sofas at NOVO Studio blend current trends with comfort. Expect versatile designs with softer lines, unique shapes, and a playful use of color. These sofas are perfect for adding a modern yet timeless touch to any event.

Your event means a lot to us. That’s why we offer fast, safe and reliable delivery options for every event.

Cost of delivery depends on any special needs, such as timed or same day delivery and pickup, stairs and other contributing factors.

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