velvet upholstery sofa in emerald green color, featuring deep cushioning and elegant tufted backrest, perfect for luxurious event seating.


78” I 36” I 33”

Sink into the plush luxury of Vita velvet upholstery sofas, a perfect blend of comfort and opulent style. These sofas, draped in sumptuous velvet from top to bottom, offer a tactile experience that elevates any event, from glamorous weddings to sophisticated corporate gatherings. 

Our Modern Style full velvet upholstery sofas feature clean lines, minimalist design, and a focus on functionality. The plush velvet is paired with sleek forms to create a look that's both sophisticated and inviting. Ideal for events that aim for a chic, streamlined aesthetic.

Your event means a lot to us. That’s why we offer fast, safe and reliable delivery options for every event.

Cost of delivery depends on any special needs, such as timed or same day delivery and pickup, stairs and other contributing factors.

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